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Easier Planning. Better Events.


It's time you have a daily planner made just for you! We've taken into account all that goes into your busy day and how hard you work to create successful programs for your residents. We created a space where you can plan, dream, set goals, and organize your day to set you up for success. ​I spent years planning programs and residents calendars and my planner was my BIBLE- all of the behind the scenes planning takes place on a personal planner- now you have one made just for you!

A typical day for a Life Enrichment and Activity Director is very busy. It’s filled with spending time with our older adult population, planning for the future, and then executing what we’ve already planned! In the midst of all of that, it’s managing the daily life of providing great programs (that are new and exciting), returning LOTS of phone calls from eager Entertainers and Event Providers, managing your staff, and of course, completing daily regulatory and administrative tasks. You are the planner of all planners and make the world go around in the senior living world- we are cheering you on each and every day! 

I, like you, love our elders. It's the greatest feeling when you see all of your great planning come together with successful, engaging, and fun programs for our seniors. Our residents trust us to provide life-giving activities that fill their days with hope and purpose.

Inspired by this, I went on to earn my Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services: Social Gerontology and became Activity Director Certified with NCCAP. I spent many years working as a Director in a senior living community overseeing their Therapeutic Recreation, Volunteer, and Spiritual Care Departments.


We've created custom-designed stickers that allow you to easily identify which tasks to complete in a day. 

From ordering food, requesting money, family visits, outings, and activity carts (just to name a few!)- we've got you covered.

Check out our full Sticker Guide HERE

Not only do our colorful stickers keep you on track, they are fun and add a little bit of whimsy to your day. 



It's important to document and celebrate your WINS!

When times are tough you can look back and see the various ways that you succeeded and be proud of yourself. 

As we look back at all of our 'small wins' we are able to gain confidence and grow in our goals and motivation. All of those seemingly 'small wins' lead us to a BIG win! 

It encourages us to take a more positive approach to our days and help us become more in tune with what our goals are as we strive to achieve them.

As you look back on all of your successes, don't forget to celebrate yourself!

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We help you save time by including all of those special days and "national days of..." in our willGather planner. No more google searches and time spent searching for what you are looking for. 

Taking the time to celebrate and honor all of our healthcare workers and co-workers is important as we take the time to cheer each other on. We include industry-specific dates to help you observe those special days. 

As we note these various dates to assist us in our planning, it can spur creativity and create variety. Remember to use these ideas as a springboard for planning but our biggest driver of program creation should be our residents' interests and suggestions. Looking at all aspects of engagement: social, spiritual, cognitive, physical, emotional and creative. 

Please note: A way to celebrate our residents is to "highlight" them and pick a day that is focused on all of the things that they enjoy- taking into account their interests and suggestions. It's such a fun way to get to know our community. 


Look at what programs are meaningful and represent your audience and client's wishes and interests- plan those purposefully! Then add in those larger events, and the fill-in comes with a few programs that offer some fun and whimsy with those special days to mix up each month. At the end of the day, our goal was to create community- that each person can feel seen, heard, validated, and celebrated.

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