A printable PDF including 12 months of Planning Ideas. Each month includes a list of "special days" and oberservances. 


We help you save time by including all of those special days and "national days of..." in our willGather planner. No more google searches and time spent searching for what you are looking for. 

Taking the time to celebrate and honor all of our healthcare workers and co-workers is important as we take the time to cheer each other on. We include industry-specific dates to help you observe those special days. 

As we note these various dates to assist us in our planning, it can spur creativity and create variety. Remember to use these ideas as a springboard for planning but our biggest driver of program creation should be our residents' interests and suggestions. Looking at all aspects of engagement: social, spiritual, cognitive, physical, emotional and creative. 


*Please note- one digital purchase per location & community. 


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Color Digital PDF of Special Days & Observances

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