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Our Story

 Created By An Activity Director Just For You!


Our Story

It's time you have a daily planner made just for you! We've taken into account all that goes into your busy day and how hard you work to create successful programs for your residents. We created a space where you can plan, dream, set goals, and organize your day to set you up for success. ​

With Covid-19 instantly changing our world, especially how we spend time with our residents- we wanted to create a Planner that took that into account. Not only are you planning great programs you are coordinating family visits, taking activity carts room to room, and stepping in as family.  A "thank you" doesn't even come close to expressing our appreciation for the work that you do each day. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

A typical day for an Activity Director is very busy. It’s filled with spending time with our senior population, planning for the future, and then executing what we’ve already planned! In the midst of all of that, it’s managing the daily life of providing great programs (that are new and exciting), returning LOTS of phone calls from eager Entertainers and Event Providers, managing your staff, and of course, completing daily regulatory and administrative tasks. You are the planner of all planners and make the world go around in the senior living world- and we are cheering you on each and every day! 

I, like you, love our older adults. It's the greatest feeling when you see all of your great planning come together with successful, engaging, and fun programs for our seniors. Our residents trust us to provide life-giving activities that fill their days with hope and purpose.


Our hope is to create a sense of community, inspiring a vision of life-long learning and engagement. Growing up, Nicole's grandma came to live with her family and became one of her closest friends. Inspired by this special relationship and passion, she went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services: Social Gerontology. Nicole is actively certified with NCCAP and continues her education daily. She spent many years working as a Director at a well-respected and large senior living community overseeing the Therapeutic Recreation, Volunteer, and Spiritual Care departments-  leading her sizeable team to a successful tenure and improved resident engagement success.


She continues her hands-on approach with a deep understanding of life engagement and family caregiver needs. She is the founder of willGather which is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of our aging community by equipping older adults, their family members, and eldercare professionals with valuable information and resources. 


Nicole is also the creator and host of the where we come alongside older adults, family members, and professionals in the senior living community as we explore the world of aging and eldercare. Through approachable conversations and interviews, we gather helpful resources, valuable information, and the tools to have a more meaningful and fulfilled life for older adults and their loved ones. Born into a family of story-tellers Nicole felt called to ask the questions and tell the stories. At her core, she is a collaborator and cheerleader for others by sharing the good work that they are doing in the world, and all for her favorite group of people- our elders.

willGather Wishes

willGather is committed to donating a portion of our proceeds to organizations that enhance the lives of older adults, families, and our eldercare community. Join us in our willGather Wishes program by spreading the word about our Planner and Podcast. TOGETHER- we can make a difference in the lives of others. 

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