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willGather Planner

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A Professional Day Planner Made Just For Life Enrichment & Activity Directors

You wear all the hats and do all the things. 

Give yourself the gift of a physical planner made ONLY for you!


Be confident as you organize, set goals, access industry-specific information, document your successes, and have a place to plan great programs for the older adult population.  

** Special Pre-Order Pricing Available Until October 15th!

Take Control of Your Busy Day

  • Are you struggling to keep your days organized? 

  • Do you have a great resident calendar computer program but you are looking for a way to organize all the details that go into creating a successful resident engagement initiative? 

  • Are you afraid you'll miss out on precious details for an important program or event? 

  • Do you want to track your personal and professional successes? 

  • Do you feel behind instead of proactive?

  • You just want a good ole' fashioned pen to paper planner. 

While you're working so hard planning amazing programs, let us help you organize all of those behind the scene details.  We give you peace of mind that all of the important things are written down, waiting for you, and ready to be executed. You've got this! 

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Weekly + Monthly Planners

 2022 Planners are now available for PRE-ORDER! Planners will SHIP at the beginning of November.

PRE-ORDER at a special discounted price ONLY until October 15th!

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I love this planner. Not only is it beautiful- it's helpful and keeps me organized. I really like all of the industry-specific dates that help me keep on track. But I think the stickers are my favorite feature!

- Cathy, Director